1 September 2015

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VOID // the new series of bags by EYTYS. 

Born out of a desire to create iconic products and elevated by a Generation Y mentality, Eytys launched in 2013. Following the original sneaker ‘Mother’ and the high top sneaker ‘Odyssey’, EYTYS are set to embark on the next chapter – a collection of unisex bags named ‘Void’.

Theinspirationforthe‘Void’collectioncomesfromEYTYSdesigner’sneedtofindasuitablebagwhencommuting from his home in the Stockholm archipelago to the office in the city. Something to keep his belongings safe during rides in an open speed boat, while still look good to fulfill city life demands. This need resulted in a water resistant bag collection made in a factory that usually makes inflatable rafts, kayaks and tents.

The‘Void’material,developedbyEYTYS,ispolyestercoatedonbothsideswithpolyurethane.Amaterialensuring the bag collection live up to high performance technology standards whilst maintaining a minimal and sleek finish. Radio Frequency welding has been used to piece the bags together, it’s a method that by using electromagnetic fields creates fully waterproof and solid seams, durable enough they become more resistant than the material itself.

They’re available at ICON.

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